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The Best Delta 8 Edibles in Lakewood
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The Best Delta 8 Edibles in Lakewood

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The Lakewood Council has plans to regulate smoke and tobacco shops to stop them from selling THC-infused CBD products like “delta 9″ to anyone under the age of 21. Delta 8 Edibles in Lakewood.

The council will introduce an amended ordinance that will prohibit the sale of products containing 0.5 milligrams or more of any combination of Edibles, including delta-8 Edibles, delta-10 Edibles, “or any other cannabinoids advertised by the manufacturer or seller as having an intoxicating effect” to anyone under 21 years old.


Delta 8 Edibles in Lakewood
Delta 8 Edibles in Lakewood

The ordinance, sponsored by Councilman at Large Daniel Rivera, would require smoke and tobacco shops in the city to register with the Department of Public Safety within 60 days. Delta 8 Edibles in Lakewood

Rivera said the goal is to keep these products out of kids’ hands. Because the products are not tobacco products, kids may be getting easier access to them. Delta 9, for example, comes in a variety of forms, including vapes, tinctures, gummies, and flowers.

“We simply want to make sure that everyone understands once we are regulating cannabis that there are other forms that just need some more education, awareness, and protection,”. Delta 8 Edibles in Lakewood

At Monday’s caucus meeting, Stacey Flanagan, director of the city department of health and human services, told the city council the city has been receiving calls related to children buying cannabis products from smoke shops. She said most of the children are high school students.

“Recently, we have had a few smoke shops within a very close proximity to a local high school where several children have been getting sick and becoming hospitalized,” Flanagan said Monday. “Kids are buying Doritos and sour patch kids infused (with THC) and they are eating it like candy and not understanding what it can do to them.” Delta 8 Edibles in Lakewood

CBD and THC are both active cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. While THC is psychoactive and can alter the mind creating a high, CBD does not, according to The Centers for Disease Control. But some CBD products include a form of THC known as Delta 9, which is about 50-75% as psychoactive as regular marijuana. Delta 8 Edibles in Lakewood

CBD comes from the hemp plant, a type of cannabis, that contains up to .3% of THC. Anything above .3% is considered marijuana, according to the CDC.

Jeffrey Devine, co-owner of Strictly CBD on Communipaw Avenue, and Joseph Pacifico, manager of The Hemp Social on Jersey Avenue and Palisades Avenue, said they don’t sell to anyone under 21.

Devine said most of the people who purchase CBD products from his store are people with severe pain.

“I understand the concern about getting it into kids’ hands and I think with the possible psychotropic effects, sure, yeah 21 should be the age for that,” Devine said. “Delta-9 is used for the same things that other CBD products are used for, pain and help with sleep.

“No one should be selling to kids anyway.”

Pacifico said CBDs are also used for anxiety, stress relief, and help with appetite. Delta 8 Edibles in Lakewood.

Devine said weight, gender, metabolism, and the severity of the issue have to be considered when selling a CBD product. He said the doses of THC in Delta 8 are too high for children as some parents use CBD for children with autism. Delta 8 Edibles in Lakewood.

Pacifico said in his store consumers are educated on the use of the products sometimes for as long as 45 minutes, “we just want them to know what the product is and how to dose appropriately.”

“People who are selling these products right now, they don’t understand the science behind it and they are just trying to make a quick buck,” Pacifico said.” If you’re not selling it to people who are 21 or older you are not doing your job.” Delta 8 Edibles in Lakewood

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