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Ask Maria, Our Pharmacist About All Natural Hemp Oil

It can be overwhelming to figure out the right dosage form and strength to maximize the healing properties of CBD oil. Our experienced on-staff pharmacist, Maria Favocci, RPh, can help answer a wide range of questions about CBD oil products and how they can serve your individual needs. She is an incredible source of information, whether you’re new to learning about CBD or you’ve been taking it for years.

Maria Favocci is a Registered Pharmacist in the state of NJ. She has many years experience in the pharmacy field at the corporate, mail order and retail level. Proficient in counseling patients on medication management and the use of pharmaceutical grade supplements, Maria is also knowledgeable in the pharmaceutical compounding arena. She has always been an advocate for natural healing, and her secondary career is within the realm of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). She is a certified Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and Crystal Therapist and has a strong working knowledge with natural/herbal supplements and essential oils. Maria is well versed in the use of CBD oil and the ways it can be used to bring about wellness and whole body balance.

“CBD has many amazing benefits and is one of the best all-natural supplements to bring about wellness and balance in the body.”

Maria Favocci

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