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CBD Dosage and Types

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Products, Dosage, & More: A Beginner’s Guide to Shopping for CBD

CBD is all the rage these days, so how do you pick which type of product to use? Luckily, CBD is available in many different dosage forms. You can find CBD in tinctures, topical ointments, creams, capsules, syrups, patches, gummies, chocolate, water, vaping, and the list goes on. With so many attractive and versatile options to choose from, consumers are able to enjoy a wide range of benefits from a variety of product types.

Depending on the kind of product, the application method and dosage can vary. Here are some of the most highly sought-after CBD products on the market today, and what they are used for:

CBD Oils (sometimes called tinctures or oral drops)

For individuals seeking rapid relief, one of the most trusted and dependable products is a CBD oil. CBD oils are essentially CBD in a liquid form. There are several benefits to using a potent CBD oil over other product varieties, which include:

  • CBD oils typically come with a dropper, allowing you to carefully measure a precise dosage to meet your needs. Many other products come pre-measured, so tinctures give you more control over your dosage, allowing you to fine-tune it to fit your personal preferences.
  • CBD oils are fast-acting. Especially when you use the sublingual administration method, the beneficial ingredients take a fast-track through your system via the small blood vessels under your tongue. Other products have to be fully digested in order to take effect, but CBD oils seem to take a shortcut, delivering faster results.

Dosage recommendations for CBD Oils: Read the label on your product carefully and follow the suggestions. Always start with a small dosage (which you measure using the dropper) and increase incrementally as needed to achieve your desired results.

CBD-Infused Topicals

CBD topicals, like CBD creams, lotions, and balms, are a great way to directly target bothersome areas of the body gently and effectively. Capable of penetrating deeply to quickly provide soothing relief, a CBD-infused topical is an excellent choice for individuals who:

  • Live active lifestyles
  • Want to expedite their post-workout recovery waiting time
  • Feel physical fatigue due to repetitive motion or general aging
  • Enjoy dynamic and moisturizing skincare products

Dosage recommendations for CBD-infused topicals: Generally, CBD topicals are highly potent and effective, so a single pump or small swipe of the product should deliver noticeable results. Be careful not to over-apply, as the robust product will dry, then penetrate the skin, so there’s no need to use an excessive amount.

CBD Capsules (sometimes called softgels)

One of the most popular and trusted CBD products on the market today is the small, pre-measured, easy-to-swallow CBD capsule. CBD capsules (or softgels) are regarded as one of the longest-lasting and dependable products for consumers who prefer not to carefully measure their CBD. Available in many unique formulas designed to address specific wellness needs, CBD Softgels can be taken at any time of the day that you need additional support.

Dosage recommendations for CBD Capsules: Because CBD capsules come in pre-measured gels, always closely read the label so you know how many milligrams of CBD are in each one. Then, as a beginner, we recommend starting with just one capsule, preferably with a meal and a full glass of water. Increase your dosage slowly and incrementally if necessary.

CBD Edibles

Like a treat for grown-ups, CBD edibles are tasty and flavorful! Available in many shapes, mouth-watering flavors, and strengths, CBD edibles are a fun way to satisfy your sweet tooth while also taking your daily dose of CBD. CBD edibles are easy to use each day and very discreet, as they look like a product from an everyday candy shop (except these sweets are packed with beneficial wellness-evoking compounds).

Dosage recommendations for CBD Edibles: Each bottle features a specific type of CBD edible, like a gummy, which contains a pre-measured dosage in each bite. Be sure to check the label so you are certain of the specific number of milligrams you are consuming, then, enjoy just one CBD edible to start. See how you feel and increase your dosage slowly to achieve your desired results.

Inhalable CBD (via vaping)

Inhaling your CBD is another way to experience more prompt results from your hemp-derived CBD extract. When a high-quality CBD product is vaporized and inhaled, it atomizes, bypassing the lengthy digestion process in each inhale, microscopically entering the bloodstream.

Dosage recommendations for CBD Vape: Read the package carefully to learn the cartridge’s potency and capacity. Because it is possible to take small puffs or large inhales, the amount of CBD in each inhale can vary a little bit, so always enjoy a small amount at first and increase if you feel you need to.

CBD Skin Care

Like CBD-infused topicals, there are many CBD-infused skincare products on the market today aimed at improving your complexion, moisturizing your face, and minimizing the unbecoming signs of aging, like lines and hyperpigmentation. There are several product options to choose from, like face creams, face and eye serums, and single-use face masks to treat yourself to an at-home spa day.

Dosage recommendations for CBD skincare products: For face creams and serums, always use a small amount and gently rub it in a circular motion on your face and neck. For eye serums, use a small pump and apply it lightly around your eyes with your pinky. A little will go a long way.

CBD Bath Salts

Relaxing and subtle, consumers add CBD bath salts to a warm bath and soak away their troubles. Often infused with fragrant and soothing essential oils, CBD bath salts make taking a bath a blissful experience.

Dosage recommendations for CBD bath salts: Always read the package, as each unique formula features different ingredients and can vary in potency. Start with a small amount, and add more during your next bath for a more profound experience.

The demand for new CBD innovations is growing, and more products are hitting the shelves rapidly. When it comes to dosage, it is always best to begin with a small dosage and see how you feel. Because every body is different, the robust compounds interact with each individual uniquely, depending on height, weight, and other factors.

Of course, if at any point you feel unsure or have questions, we invite you to reach out to us. We have a pharmacist on staff who is ready to answer all of your questions and point you in the right direction to help you achieve success on your path to a happier, healthier life.

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