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CBD For Cats

In the world today, many human beings suffer the effects of depression, chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, substance abuse, autoimmune conditions, and more. As treatment for them, many are turning to the use of CBD oil. In controlled tests, positive, effective results have been discovered through the use of this natural byproduct. Human beings, however, aren’t the only sufferers of anxiety, joint pain, orconvulsions. Our four-legged friends, our fur babies, our fuzzy little family members, etc. are plagued by many of the same conditions that bother humans.

CBD oil may be able to help with your cat’s pain, anxiety, behavioral problems, or other issues.

America’s Cats May Need CBD Oil

The benefits of CBD oil for humans are much the same as its benefits for cats. Specifically, it is currently being used to treat cats for anxiety disorders, whether it is situational anxiety or ongoing generalized anxiety. If you are a pet owner, you know how important it is that your cat be happy and healthy. More and more people are using CBD to help rid their cats of behavioral issues and physical pain, thereby lessening their own anxiety over their pet’s unhappiness.

Why Is CBD Oil Used for Cats?

If you are a pet owner, you may be looking into the use of CBD to help with any number of issues suffered by cats. Though it will not cure your cat’s medical condition, if you are treating your cat withCBD oil, it should helpreduce certain symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. After treatment, your cat’s appetite should improve and it can resume a normal, healthy diet, which is essential for recovery.

As referenced earlier, cats’ behavioral problems are also being treated with CBD. If you have an overactive cat, within an hour of giving them CBD, you should see calming effects. Observable symptoms such as hiding and loud meowing should decrease immediately following the right dosage. Your cat will be calmer, but not lethargic.

How Much CBD Should Be Used on Cats?

The amount of CBD that a cat should have can be determined by their size, specific ailment being treated, the type of CBD oil, and more. In a perfect world, you would consult a veterinarian as to what kind of CBD should be used and how much.

For cats, here are the basic dosing rules:

Under 10 lbs. – 3-4 drops = 1mg
Under 25 lbs. – ¼ dropper (0.25ml) = 2mg
25-75 lbs. – ½ dropper (0.5ml) =4mg
Over 75 lbs. – 1 dropper = 8.33mg

Because someone is bound to ask, are CBD oil for humans and CBD oil for cats interchangeable? For all intents and purposes, the answer is yes. But if you’re going to deprive your cat and steal their supply, the CBD must not be adulterated. It must be human grade.

Better to just buy your own supply! Let Kitty have her CBD.

Cat Owners Should Consider CBD Oil

A human can benefit greatly from the use of CBD for any number of afflictions. The same goes for dogs. So of course, cat owners are bound to want to know if it’s safe for their feline. The answer is, yes.

On the other hand, not safe arethe actual cannabis plants! This is a very important classification! If your cat were to nibble on a marijuana plant, the toxicity contained within could be fatal.

What Are the General Benefits of CBD Oil?

CBD oil offers numerous benefits for both the human mind and the body, as well as pets. Where the mind is concerned, CBD hemp oil can assist in relieving the following:

  • OCD
  • Panic Disorder
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

For the body, CBD oil may offer the following:

  • Reduce acne
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Promote cardiovascular health
  • Relieve nausea
  • Offer pain relief and reduce inflammation

If you are a cat owner and would like to find out more about how CBD oil can helpyour furry, purry friend, contact us at CanRelieve today.Discover all the uses of this truly beneficial substance.