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Harlem, NY
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Harlem, NY

Cannabidiol, or better known as CBD, is a compound found in cannabis that has numerous impressive health benefits. Unlike marijuana, CBD contains a small amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is a chemical that gives those who smoke marijuana a chemical “high”.  At CanRelieve, we produce high-quality CBD-infused products for clients in Harlem, New York.

CBD Use In Harlem

More and more people are open to the use of CBD-infused products in recent years. Harlem is no exception to this. According to New York state law, Residents who are registered under the Medical Marijuana Program are not subjected to persecution, penalties, or apprehension under the Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act (or better known as CUMMA).

There are now two main forms of oil that exist in the market: one that is extracted from hemp and the other Is extracted from marijuana. We provide both oils for residents in Harlem. The purchase and use of CBD oil is only legal if this complies with the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (Also known as the Farm Bill Act of 2018). Likewise, residents who possess an MMJ card or recommendation documents from a healthcare professional can purchase our products.

Types of CBD Oil Products We Offer in Harlem

  • CBD Oil: Every drop of CBD oil contains hemp oil and MCT oil. They can be easily absorbed into the body by placing drops of oil under your tongue. Our most popular flavors include peppermint and lemon.
  • CBD Topicals:  They come in lotions, balms, and creams.
  • CBD Capsules: Our CBD softgels are digested quickly into the body. Curcumin, which is found in each capsule, is commonly used for its non-inflammatory properties. They come in varying amounts of curcumin.
  • CBD Skincare: We offer a wide range of facial products to help remove acne and dark spots. Achieve clear skin with our face cream and masks and eye serums!
  • CBD Pet Relief: Just like in human beings, pets (cats and dogs) have an endocannabinoid system. As such, they can receive the same benefits from our CBD-infused products with our carefully formulated range of CBD products.

Choose CanRelieve for All-Natural CBD Oil Products in Harlem

CanRelieve is a recognized provider of exceptional terpene-rich, non-GMO, CBD-infused products in Harlem, New York. Our products are pharmaceutical grade and do not contain any harsh chemicals. We strive in providing affordable products to our customers so that more residents will be able to reap the benefits from CBD. Do not hesitate to approach any of our staff or contact us to address any of the questions or concerns that you might have.

CanRelieve’s all-natural CBD products do not contain any THC, pesticides, or gluten. They abide by the farm bill, are tested in labs, and are produced in the U.S.

If you are looking to get safe and high-quality CBD products in Harlem, NY, contact CanRelieve today. Call 1-888-721-4343 or email us at support@canrelieve.com for more inquiries!