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Many of us have experienced symptoms of anxiety and look for treatment options. Even the most calm and relaxed people go through periods of stress and tension, whether they are caused by work, personal relationships, or health issues. One of the reasons that anxiety is a difficult problem to “treat” or “cure” is because it is often the result of a variety of factors. Physical stress can contribute to and manifest itself as mental anxiety, while physiological uneasiness can play into physical ailments.

There is no easily-defined pathway that allows doctors to look at the causes and symptoms of general anxiety the way there is for a viral infection or a broken bone. All of the human body’s systems can be contributing factors, and anxiety is often experienced in contrasting ways for different people. Because anxiety is a disorder with such a wide range of causes and side effects, treatments that work across the entire body are often the most useful. Simple steps like exercising and improving your diet are some of the first things that should be tried when attempting to relieve anxiety. When it comes to thinking about supplements, there is also a wide range of different options available. Cannabidiol or CBD in particular, the non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant, has shown tremendous promise as a general anxiety treatment.

CBD is a natural organic compound that works by influencing the body’s natural endocannabinoid system. This is a complex biological network inside all of us that helps to regulate and moderate everything from appetite to sleep cycles. In the case of anxiety, the part of the endocannabinoid system that is particularly relevant is stress response. When our mind senses stressful situations and stimuli, the body responds by producing specific hormones and steroids as a response. This is what we feel as anxiety and stress. The way that the body produces these compounds and their triggers are key components to dealing with anxiety. For example, there are people who live with crippling phobias such as the fear of heights or social situations. Those disorders are essentially the result of crossed wires in our stress-response system—cases where we would prefer it if our body did not produce stress chemicals. CBD is a useful moderator because it can help control the release of the compounds that our bodies produce during stress.

Many of our customers at CanRelieve have found that through using our organic CBD products, including oils, topicals, and softgels, their body has a much more measured response to anxiety. CBD products such as edibles are perfect for anxiety relief that lasts all day long and have none of the serious narcotic side effects of other anti-anxiety medication. Have some questions about managing anxiety or stress with CBD? Our pharmacist, Maria, can be reached online by clicking here!

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