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CBD For Smoking Cessation and Drug Withdrawal

As the year draws to an end, more and more people will be thinking of something to write down as their New Year’s resolution. Quitting smoking is a good choice. If you’ve struggled with an addiction to one or more drugs, kicking that habit is also a good choice. Both of these will lead to a healthier, happier you; not to mention how much happier your family and friends will be. Maybe even your boss! Regardless, the prospect of quitting drugs and smoking can seem daunting, at the very least. Quitting addictive behaviors, no matter how rewarding in the end, is a difficult process.

Today, many individuals are receiving assistance in their pursuit of smoking cessation and quitting drugs through the use of CBD oil. Where other attempts have failed, and previous methods have proven insufficient, CBD oil is allowing certain people to kick the nicotine addiction and ease themselves off of drug use.

Quit Smoking with CBD Oil

The reason that cigarettes offer such a struggle when it comes to quitting is nicotine addiction. Yes, the act of smoking itself carries a behavioral addiction of sorts, but nicotine is the real culprit in smoking addiction. More than any other drug, United States residents are addicted to nicotine. That’s quite saying something when you consider all the drugs currently available to the general public.

Inhaled CBD has already shown promise when used by test subjects who wanted to quit smoking. In the test, no cigarette smoking reduction was noticed in test subjects that received a placebo, while a 40% cutback of cigarettes smoked was experienced by test subjects using inhaled CBD. But what if you want to clear your lungs entirely?

This is where CBD oil comes in. Here’s why: stressful situations can trigger smokers to crave a cigarette. It’s easier to manage emotions (as well as anxiety) with healthy use of CBD oil.

The Cycle of Drug Addiction

There are a number of ways that individuals with drug addictions are affected. The cellular memory and emotional memory both impact addiction, in addition to environmental triggers. Natural links are created by the brain. Reinforced behaviors and learned memories create a chain that must be broken in order to beat the cycle of addiction. To loosen the grip of habitual triggers on your system, evidence has shown that CBD oil can be effective.

The use of drugs can be tied to certain situations, environments, and memories. To interrupt the cycle of addiction, CBD oil can assist in breaking associations between situations and drugs that are most addictive for the individual concerned.


Neurotransmitters are responsible for controlling, among other things, our appetite, behavior, sleep, and mood. Addictive behavior is also somewhat controlled by certain neurotransmitters. The reward centers in our brains are associated with chemicals such as dopamine and glutamine. Individuals use drugs initially, and users tend to relapse, because the effects of drugs are enhanced by these chemicals.

The modulation of certain neurotransmitters can be achieved by healthy use of CBD oil. It may help to regulate compulsive behavior and the stress response in numerous individuals. In fact, it may also be helpful for addicts recovering from an opioid addiction.

Are you trying to quit smoking? Are you working hard on kicking a drug habit? The use of CBD oil could assist you along the way. If you would like  more information, contact us at CanRelieve today.