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CanRelieve – Our Story

The story of CanRelieve starts in familiar territory for many of us-the relentless struggle with discomfort and pain. Chuck, the founder of CanRelieve, is a successful businessman and entrepreneur.

For years he was dealing with the chronic pain of arthritis in his hands and the nagging ache of sciatica. It got to a point where the persistent pain was interfering with his daily life and activities. Tired of conventional medicines like ibuprofen and opioids and their side effects, Chuck was looking for a more natural way to take back his life.

He started hearing about CBD and its many benefits, but needed a lot more information. He began doing research and asking questions. One of his conversations was with his friend Maria, who is a pharmacist and wellness advocate.

Maria mentioned that she was using CBD oil to help her sleep, and she also started her husband (Chuck’s very good friend) on CBD for his shoulder and joint issues. They were both getting great results from this product. Chuck decided to try it. He got some CBD balm and began applying it to his sciatica and noticed a definite difference. Because he was applying the balm with his hands, he also began to notice relief from the arthritis in his hands.

He started recommending CBD to friends and family. He even got his Operations Manager, Katie, to start using CBD to treat her arm pain from a childhood car accident. Katie had great success with CBD and after learning more about its benefits, she decided to give it a try on her rescue dog Roscoe, who was anxious and high strung. Roscoe enjoyed his CBD dog treats and he’s turned into a very good boy! Chuck knew that he couldn’t keep this great find to just his friends and family.

He wanted everyone to benefit from the great results that CBD can provide. So, Chuck, together with Maria and Katie, started CanRelieve to offer YOU the same types of benefits that WE got. Our high-quality hemp derived CBD products are available to you as a natural way to achieve whole body wellness. Natural Relief…Beyond Belief!!