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The Importance of Third-Party Testing for CBD: Safety and Quality
Home » The Importance of Third-Party Testing for CBD: Safety and Quality

The Importance of Third-Party Testing for CBD: Safety and Quality

Post by katie   /  

Third-party testing is a common stepping stone that new products or formulas must undergo, especially within the health and wellness industry. Consumable goods must not only pass FDA regulatory standards but also present data regarding the efficacy of the product. For vitamins and supplements, clinical trials which examine the potency and the dosages required to reap the desired effects as well as half-life and expiration dates, may all be collected and presented to consumers and retailers. Treating CBD and cannabinoid products as a niche within the supplemental health and wellness industry, the same principles regarding quality assurance and safety data from third-party testing can be applied. Many retailers carry products that have not been tested by third parties, or which may have only been subject to basic and biased trials on behalf of the company that produces the products. Or, believe it or not, the product may not have undergone any testing at all!

CanRelieve is an online retailer of high-quality, organic CBD products. Aside from proudly featuring organic, pesticide-free products and the ability to speak with an on-staff pharmacist, we also verify our credibility and purity of our CBD isolate with a Certificate of Analysis administered by a third-party research laboratory.

Examining third-party tested wellness products from another angle highlights its role in product quality assurance, effectiveness, and consumer safety. At CanRelieve, we engage with our customers and welcome them to compare our high-quality, purity-tested products to CBD products offered by other companies. We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers who previously assumed CBD isolates to be ineffective, having purchased from retailers whose production protocol overlooked quality assurance and third-party testing entirely. CanRelieve is proud to be a responsible retailer of third-party tested CBD products, and we hope to soon serve as a model for the standard retailer wherein quality, safety, and purity are ensured by a third-party testing process.

With respect to consumer safety: While CBD products are highly unlikely to produce serious mal-effects, the research conducted regarding the efficacy of cannabinoids, including CBD for certain conditions (and its contraindication for other, mainly psychiatric conditions), was conducted by third parties. Once federal and academic research institutions published findings deeming cannabinoids suitable for consumption, the trickle-down effect brought these products to the market forefront by way of lawmakers and specialized retailers. Third-party testing established the foundation for everything currently known about the efficacy of CBD and cannabinoids and without this unbiased data these products would likely have failed to progress as far as they have. With regards of quality assurance, the role of third-party testing is to ensure adequate concentration of active ingredients and determine the shelf-life of the product. This same type of quality assurance testing is often conducted on the vitamins and supplements found in drugstores and nutritional wellness shops. Most of these retailers won’t carry a supplement unless it has undergone extensive third-party testing and met regulatory standards.

Third-party testing holds production teams accountable for the creation of a safe and quality product and further serves to protect retailers and consumers from liability and injury (or, best case scenario, from disappointment). CanRelieve prides itself on providing the highest quality CBD wellness products, as well as the third-party data which reinforces their quality and serves to provide this information directly to customers. Whether it’s vitamins and supplements, cosmetics or CBD wellness products, the sign of a safe and effective product will always be the application of third-party testing.