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Stressed Pet? CBD Could Be The Answer
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Stressed Pet? CBD Could Be The Answer

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Stressed Pet? CBD Could Be The Answer

If you’ve been a lifelong pet owner, or just an animal lover, you have probably known a dog or cat that struggles with stress. Summertime fireworks, thunderstorms, passing cars and even other animals are all common sources of stress for our pets. Unfortunately, solutions to these problems are often difficult to come by, even when seeking help from a veterinarian. One of the most common ways that pet owners have tried to treat stress in their furry friends is through the use of medication. What we all want is for our pets to enjoy their lives in the most healthy way possible, but high strength prescription drugs should have their time and place, and ideally we would all like to live a life where we use them as little as possible for ourselves and our pets.


Recently, pet owners all across the world have found that CBD-infused pet products can be a great solution to a range of problems. CBD (or cannabidiol), which offers many of the benefits of cannabis without the active ingredient THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), works by interacting with the natural endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for maintaining balance and wellness within our bodies. 


When it comes to pets, stress has been one of the most difficult problems to treat. This is because they tend to occur often. There is just no telling when a neighbor walking by or a thunderstorm will send your pet into a spout of stress. At CanRelieve, we make sure to emphasize the importance of a healthy diet and exercise in combination with a comfortable environment to keep stress minimal with your pets. But when you are looking to improve overall well-being and health, our canine soft chews and CBD tinctures can be lifesavers.


Using CBD treatments for your pets will work to help relieve stress at many different levels. CBD is also finding great success in its ability to treat external skin problems and general irritation. If your pet deals with general itchy skin, CBD treatments will often provide relief. The best course of action if you are interested in using CBD to treat your pet is to start with a low dose and remain vigilant. We recommend one (1) CanRelieve Canine Soft Chew per 25 pounds 1-2 times a day as needed, or our CanRelieve CBD Pet Tincture at the recommended dose for the weight of your pet.

Be sure to ask your veterinarian if CDB could have any adverse interaction with medications your pet is currently taking. We also have a registered pharmacist on staff – ask Maria anything